Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Procrastination is...

~  The baskets of laundry still sitting in our bedroom.  I'm watching TV and feeling the baby move my belly.

~  Waiting until Tuesday to completely change around what I plan on doing on Thursday in class.  Did I mention that it's a completely new activity AND that I have a sub.

~  Waiting until Wednesday to gather all the information for my presentation on Thursday.

~   Not getting my hair cut for 7 months

~  Living in the Wichita area for almost 6 years and still haven't found an eye Doctor in the area.  I'm on my last set of contacts and REALLY need to get on that!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship

Love it:  When I wake up in the middle of the night at see that I still have over 2 hours left to sleep.

Hate it:  When I wake up 2 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Love it:  That we now have enough room in the garage that we can get both of our vehicles inside and neither one of us has to scrape our windows in the morning.

Hate it:  That our doggies have to be pinned up in the garage all day.  I feel so sorry for them. 

Love it:  Fresh pineapple.

Hate it:  Canned pineapple.

Love it:  When the car is full of gas.

Hate it:  When that stupid "Low fuel" warning light comes on.  I know I technically have at least a couple gallons left, but for some reason when that light comes on I panic and feel like I  NEED GAS NOW!

Love it:  Slowly sipping hot coffee in the morning.

Hate it:  That having coffee increases my trips to the bathroom...worth it.

Love it:  Stir crazy popcorn.

Hate it:  Any of the bagged popcorn.

Love it:  Snuggling up warm and cozy in a mound of covers on a cool evening.

Hate it:  Waking up sweaty in the middle of the night.

Love it:  Swimming for exercise.

Hate it:  That one of the near by schools uses our YMCA pool to practice in the evenings and it is impossible to get into a lane before 8:00 PM.  (They just built a brand new school a couple years ago...they could have added on a pool...)

Love it:  When my baby girl moves my belly all around.  I can't help but just sit and stare at it.

Hate it:  That I still have 8 weeks until she is ready to come out (at least...)

Love it:  Pudding

Hate it:  Jell-O (and yes...there is a big difference between Jell-O and pudding)

Love it:  A nice warm fire going on a beautiful evening (with S'mores)

Hate it:  Mosquitoes

Love it:  tickling my husband

Hate it:  when he tickles me (you would think we would come up with some kind of truce, but alas... we have not.)

Love it:  That my husband has been able to single-handily put together all of the furniture for the baby's room.

Hate it:  That I still have laundry to put away... He has put together a dresser, rocking chair, stroller/car seat and I still haven't put away the laundry. 

Love it:  That I've had very little sickness and puking throughout my pregnancy

Hate it:  That I've had "chronic nasal congestion" the entire time.  I would much rather have this problem than puking all the time...but I've blown my nose MORE than enough times in the last 7 months!  (Authors note:  The next time I get pregnant I am taking out some stock in Kleenex!)

Love it:  The Office, Big Bang Theory, and Bones

Hate it:  Glee.

Love it:  That we are officially all moved in!

Hate it:  All the stupid boxes we have around the house.  If you are moving and in need of some boxes...just let me know!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I "Heart" Chocolate!

Valentine's Day is approaching.  I've never been a HUGE fan of the day.  I do believe that greeting card, chocolate, and jewelry companies combined to create a holiday that really can cause more harm than good. 

With that said...I am not a Valentine's Day hater.

I do not think that it is necessary for my husband or I to go and spend hundreds of dollars on a gift that is supposed to show us how much we love each other.  We've been married just over a year and a half with a baby on the way.  We've got that covered! 

For the past couple of years I have told my husband exactly what I want for Valentine's Day.

That's right.  EXACTLY.

I want one of those Russell Stover heart boxes of assorted chocolates (the bigger the better).

That's it.

Nothing more.

I LOVE those assorted chocolates. 

They are so yummy, and they are all MINE!

I can eat them however I want to because I don't have to share them with anyone. 

I take little bites out of each one and sort them from yummy to yummiest and then eat them in that order.  (Saving the caramels for last...)

This is one day of the year where I can actually SAVE my husband some money and instead of buying me a fancy, over-priced gift for a hundred dollars, he can spend a fraction of that and make me VERY happy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Daddy Boot Camp

"I learned that I can have four beers and still successfully care for a baby!"

I wish that wasn't quoted...

I wish that wasn't a quote stated by my husband...

I wish that wasn't the first thing he said about the class he took: Boot Camp for New Dads...

But it was.

At least the class was free.

I joke. 

Not about the quote, he really did say that.

I joke because I really do think he got a lot of good out of the class.

The description of the class states that "Veteran" dads share firsthand advice with expectant dads and bring their babies to enhance the new fathers' experience. 

Based on that description this is what I had pictured:

A room full of "veteran" dads who have their babies, each one is paired with a "rookie" dad who then gets to spend some time one-on-one with the veteran dad and the baby.  Rookie dad gets to hold, feed, and practice changing the baby's diaper.  Veteran dad eases the fears of the new dad by telling him that he will figure everything out with experience no matter how little "baby time" he has had up to this point. 

That's not exactly how it went.

There was one "veteran" dad.  With one baby.

There were about 10 "Rookie" dads.

They sat in a circle and passed the baby around so that each new dad could hold the baby.  They discussed many different areas of having a baby.  Here are some of the things he learned...

~  Do not complain about the house not being as picked up and organized as it was before.  (That would mean that the house would have actually been picked up and organized before there was a baby...)

~  Don't shake the baby.

~  It is ok if your wife tells you that you aren't holding the baby correctly or changing the diaper exactly the way she does for you to tell her, "It's ok, I've got it" (Ethan interpreted that as to tell me to "Go away...").

~  You don't need carry-on luggage, equipped with wheels and puller, as a diaper bag.

~  You shouldn't speed on the way to the hospital, but if you do get pulled over, the cops will usually look the other way (after telling you to be careful...)

~  Umbilical cords are tough to cut (Ethan will not have to worry about that...he's definitely not going to be touching, or even looking at anything remotely bloody...)

~  New dads should be the "bouncer" of the delivery suit.  Invited guests only! 

~  The 5 S's of quieting a baby:  Swaddling, Shhhhh-ing, Swinging, Side positioning (laying the baby on his/her side while you hold him/her), and sucking.

~  Prepare your pets for the new baby (more applies to indoor pets)

~  Make lots of silly faces at the baby so she can learn to copy your movements.  Anyone who knows my husband, knows that making silly faces comes naturally to him and I expect Jackie to have that same skill.

~  Due to a baby's poor vision it is recommended that you have a big screen TV.  Veteran dads highly recommend the biggest screen possible.  (Ethan was delighted at this...we've got that covered)  BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE.  A study has been done over men who watch football with their babies on big screens.  Apparently football is good to watch with babies because of the contrasting colors in the uniforms and the rational reoccurring patterns that occur with all the different plays.  Ethan is now planning on giving Jakie a head start in school by spending many Sunday afternoons downstairs watching football with her on the movie screen.  I'm ok with it because that means Sunday afternoons I'm free to do as I please!

~  While the women have the typical baby shower, Dads can throw their own 'Beer and Diaper" bash.  Bring a package of diapers...get free beer.  (Ethan has amended this idea to an "I don't know "Jack" about diapers party", and will be mixing Jack and Cokes for all the guys who bring diapers).

All in all, I think it was a productive day in the sense that Ethan came out of there with some good advice, some questionable advice, and some of his fears calmed. 

I still don't know if the beer quote is true, or something he just made up to get a reaction out of me...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I like the color pink.

I do not LOVE it, but I do like it.

I LOVE that we are having a baby girl.

I am super excited about all the cute little outfits that I can dress her in, and we have already received some very sweet little pink outfits that Jacqueline will look adorable in.


I am finding in my search for cute little outfits for our baby girl, that pink is the go-to color and in some cases, the only color. 

I understand that infant babies all look very similar.  Boys and girls alike.  And in order to let the general public know if your little bundle of joy is a girl or boy, dress is the biggest factor. 

Pink = Girl
Blue = Boy

I want my baby to look like a girl, but why do stores think that all girls need to be plastered in pink in order to be recognized as a little princess? 

So...this mama will not purchase a pink outfit for the first 3-6 months of little Jackie's life. (Unless of course the cuteness factor outweighs the color factor).  I am sure that we will receive more than enough cute little pink outfits from friends and family.  I will focus my attention on finding those wonderfully adorable little dresses and onesies that are yellow, purple, green, brown, blue, black, red, and the other many pretty colors out there!  (To be paired with little skirts and bows to make sure that she is recognized as the pretty little girl that she is.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Chatter

~  Here come the babies!  The first of many of my friends and family who are pregnant hat their baby Friday night.  From here until August it is a steady stream of baby cuteness and I'm so excited to be part of it!

~  I coached my last basketball came on Saturday.  The ending is a little bitter-sweet.  I love coaching and I have enjoyed the last 7 years of basketball, and I am sad that it is over.  I am, however, looking forward to having some time off and that things that will fill that time very soon.

~  Our cell phone service does not like our new home.  Or maybe it is the other way around.  Either way, we got an "antenna extender" that is supposed to help extend the service.  There is only one place in the entire house that it can go...sitting on top of the bar counter top and it isn't exactly "decor friendly."  It works with Ethan's phone.  Not mine.  Typical.

~  The dogs are settling into a little routine now.  I still don't think they like their new situation and I am thankful for the mild winter we have had so far, which allows us to take them outside for walks and to play with the ball.  I know they will like it a lot better when we can get a fence up in the back yard for them to be outside most of the days.  For now, rawhide bones, doggie treats, and tennis balls are a must.

~  I have been in search for the perfect dresser/changing table.  The problem is that I don't really have a clear picture of what "perfect" is.  I'm narrowing it down and hopefully will figure something out soon.

~  Ethan and I have been watching X-Files on Netflix.  I will admit that I do believe in Aliens.  Not necessarily little green men hovering in space ships, but I do believe that there is the possibility of life on other planets.

~  I am not doing a very good job on my resolutions goals so far this year.  Maybe I can start them in a couple weeks.  Oh wait...one of my goals was to not procrastinate.  Crap.

~  We are considering taking a trip to Colorado to see the Rockies play in July.  We will have a 4 month old at that time.  Could be an interesting trip...but one to sure have a lot of pictures :)

~  I have about 10 weeks or so left of school for the year.  I'm definitely a little apprehensive about leaving my middle schoolers in another's care...but I have a feeling those feelings will go away when I get to meet our little baby girl!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Definitely Rocked it Tonight!

~  Coached basketball practice tonight without getting frustrated or needing to "intensely motivate" the girls.

~  Warmed up leftovers for dinner.  Still tasted great :)

~  Went to the grocery store with Ethan...only made it out of there with one thing that wasn't on my previous list.  Also made made it out of there without one thing that was on my list because I decided we really didn't need it.  I think that makes my list balance out.

~  Made chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips.

~ Cut up a bunch of fruit to take to school tomorrow for a surprise lunch.  Including cutting up my first whole pineapple. 

~  Tasted each piece of fruit.  It was YUMMY!

~  Tasted the cookies...they were yummy too, but I am happy to admit that they were not near as satisfying as the fruit.

~  Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and did the dishes

What a great evening!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking Forward

"You better enjoy that now before that baby comes, because after she's here, you won't have time for it anymore..."

If I had a dime every time someone has said that to me since Ethan and I started telling people we were having a baby, I'd have a good jump on her college fund by now. 

The fact is, I know things are going to change.

I know there are things that we do now and enjoy that will happen less. 

I know that alone time for me will become an oddity.

I know that life as E and I know it is going to be a things of the past.

And you know what?  I'm ok with that.  In fact, I welcome the changes.

And rather than dread the end of the life I have known, I would rather look forward to the many ways my life will change.

Such as...

~  Meeting little baby Jackie.  We've been talking to her all this time about how excited we are to see her.  I can't wait to see if she has a head full of dark black hair like mine, Ethan's long skinny fingers and toes, or how ticklish she'll become.

~  Seeing Ethan hold her for the first time.   Watching him attempt his first ever diaper change, and his second.  Watching how all the things that were making him nervous about having a newborn become like second nature to him.  I have all the confidence in the world that he will be a wonderful daddy.

~  Introducing little Jackie to KC and Breck.  I'm hoping that meeting will result in a life-long love for dogs.

~  Rocking her to sleep at night. 

~  Watching her grow and try to figure out all of life's secrets. 

~  Her Baptism with so much of our family around.  What a special day for her.

~  Jackie's first smile, coo, and giggle.  Then figuring out all the things that make her smile and giggle.

~  Taking a picture of her and Ethan taking a nap on the couch.

~  Her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

~  Figuring out what fun ways to tell everyone when she will be a big sister.

~  Taking family walks with the dogs (hopefully...)

~  Reading storybooks before going to bed.

~  Taking pictures at the hospital with big sister Jackie and her sibling(s).

~  Family vacations to Colorado for a ski trip or to see the Rockies play!

~  Watching our kids' faces light up when we tell them we're going to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

~  Seeing Santa Claus come to life again!

~  Reading Bible Stories at night and watching them learn how to pray.

~  Trading in the truck because we need more seats for more babies!

~  Going to the swimming pool every day in the summer.

~  Traveling to soccer, basketball, baseball, water polo, piano, ballet, or whatever kinds of activities our kids will want to try.

~  Teaching that a S'more is the greatest thing about a campfire.  Watching them roast their first mallow!

~  Going trick-or-treating... and picking through their candy baskets after they have gone to bed! 

~  Family pictures.

~  Easter Egg dying and hunting.

And much, much, more.

Why would I want to dwell on the things I won't get to do as often once the baby comes, when there is so much more to look forward to? 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Tough Move

We have just moved in to a beautiful new home. 

We LOVE it!

The move has been a good one for us.  Great location, great place to raise our kids, and not a huge change in commute times (about 5 minutes for both of us)


Our dogs have not liked the transition.

In fact...I am sure they hate it.

They went from about a 1/2 acre fenced in back yard to play in, to a dog kennel in the garage.

They are frustrated.

Probably stressed.

And at the moment there's no other option.

I do feel bad for them.

Here's a little insight on their lives in the last two weeks...

  • Stuck in a dog kennel in a dark garage.
  • Fight each other for food...we now feed them completely separate.
  • Go for walks around a new neighborhood with new animals, trees, and mailboxes to sniff. 
  • Break out of the dog pen.
  • Dog pen gets reinforced...
  • Fight each other because they are having a major case of cabin fever...Breck probably stepped on KC's side of the pen...
  • Breck goes to vet due to cut in the ear from previous fight.
  • Breck goes in to heat at the vet.
  • Breck fights the vet and won't let them touch her... Poor girl, rough week for her.
  • Get new cage for Breck to keep girls separate.
  • Breck barks the entire time because she doesn't like being away from KC. 
  • Buy rawhide bones and tennis balls to keep them occupied. 
  • Doesn't work...
  • When they get near each other KC wants to hump Breck, Breck is in NO mood for that and fights back. 
I need spring to come FAST so we can have a chance to build our outside dog pen for them to be in.  Nice and spacious, with grass, and plenty of room for them to be together when they want and apart when they want.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a number...right?

I don't like weight gain.

I don't like watching the numbers on the scale go up.

I know that it is going to happen.

I know that there is a VERY good reason for the numbers going up.

I still don't like it.

I think the reason for my dislike comes in two forms.

1. It took a long time for me to get to a weight I was happy with and I've proudly maintained that weight for over three years.

2.  The "goal" my doctor gave me.

Reason number one I can live with.  I will get back down and I know that I'll be ok. 

It is reason number two that has me stressing.

A little info on me... I am not small.  Nothing on me is small.  My hand and feet size rival my 6-4 husband's.  I am tall and "big boned."  I will NEVER be a tiny size 4 or even probably an 8.  I have made my peace with that a long time ago. 


According to all the expert height and weight charts, pre-pregnancy weight classified me as mildly over-weight.  I am (or was) about 10 lbs. over weight.  BUT, I eat decently, I am generally active, and I feel like I live a relatively healthy lifestyle.

Now...back to my doctor and that "goal"

She said I should gain anywhere from 15-20 lbs.  Total.

I'm at the 15 mark.

With three months to go.

I feel great.  I don't think I look like I've gained too much.  I have had numerous people tell me how great I look.  (I don't think they're just being nice to the pregnant girl either because, they are shocked when they find out how far along I am). 

But I'm stuck on that stupid number.  15-20.

Is it realistic? 

I have no idea how much more I can expect to gain.  I have no idea how much water I'm going to retain in the next 12 weeks.  I eat more now than I did before, but I eat when I'm hungry...not just to eat. 

I do know that expecting to gain less than 5 pounds in the last 3 months of my pregnancy is probably a long shot.

Stupid number.