Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Highlight of November

"Oops I forgot to tell you happy birthday this morning...there goes my husband of the year award."

That is the first email that showed up in my inbox on the morning of November 19.  (My 30th birthday).

I just laughed, because I until that email I hadn't even realized that he was supposed to say it.

Funny how birthdays change as you get older. 

I remember counting down the days as soon as November hit. 

This year, I didn't even pay attention to the fact that it was on a Monday.

I think that's a good thing.

My birthday is no longer the highlight of November.

There are so many more great things going on in my life that I don't need to spend the time crossing off each day until the 19th.

And that's a great thing.

PS...he did earn back his "husband of the year" award by making me a surprise dinner of my favorite meal! 

PPS...the fact that I forgot that it was my birthday had NOTHING to do with the fact that it was my 30th!  :-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Motherhood

I've only been a mother for a very short 7 months and 6 days, and I can already tell many ways in which my life has changed.  MOST of the changes have been incredibly awesome.  Some of the changes have been different from what I expected, and of course some things have slapped me in the face like a wet rag. 

Thus leading me to the good, bad, and ugly of motherhood.

In preparing the house for a baby:
The Good:  The oh so cute baby things they have out now.  My husband is probably thankful that I didn't get to in to Pinterest before we started this process.  There are so many options out there.

The Bad:  Having to sort through the things you really need and the extra "stuff" that baby companies make a FORTUNE telling you that you just "have to have."  The really bad don't really know until you have the baby home.

The Ugly: The cost.  And we did it cheaper than most! 

In breastfeeding the baby:
The Good:  I could go on and on, site source after source, and talk to expert after expert about the positives of breastfeeding.  I'm so happy I was able to do it for as long as I did.

The Bad:  I really didn't start to dislike it until I had to start pumping at school.  Uncomfortable, I could only wear shirts that would be "easy access" for the pump, and having to ask male athletic directors for a room to pump.  I never had one give me an answer.  They all pointed me to the women running the score clock and said they could show me.

The Ugly:  All the "mommy wars" against moms who breastfeed and mom's who use formula.  It bothers me that women can be so arrogant to think that one way to feed a child is better than another.  I love breastfeeding, but now that we are bottle feeding there are definite advantages and Jackie is as happy as she was before.  Breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) doesn't make happy, healthy babies.  Happy, healthy parents make happy healthy babies. 

In a mobile baby:
The good:  It is so fun watching her explore and discover new things.  I love watching Ethan hold her hands and help her practice walking around the house. 

The bad:  We still haven't completely "baby-proofed" the house for a mobile baby yet.  We did put the gate up, there's still MUCH more to do.

The Ugly:  I am acutely aware of how quickly my floor get dirty as she's scooting herself around.  Ewww! 

In the way I care for myself:
The Good:  I ate better and exercised more when I was pregnant.  I am much more aware of the foods I am fixing because, now that Jackie is eating more and more foods, she's eating with us.  I want her to be healthy, so we become more healthy.

The Bad:  The days when my make-up does not get on.  Bad.  Very Bad.

The Ugly:  I hate to admit it, but there are days when I don't get a shower in before school.  I change my underwear, dab on some extra deodorant, and give an extra spritz of the perfume.  In all reality, as long as I'm not the smelliest person in the room, I'm ok with it.  I teach 8th grade boys.  I'm good.

In keeping up with friends:
The Good:  I have so many friends and families who had babies within the last year it has been fun keeping up with all the babies and what they're doing.  The best part is that I'm in touch now with people who I haven't talked to in years.

The Bad:  On the flip side, we don't get out and do as much with friends as we used to.  This isn't a MAJOR change from how we were before baby.  We weren't big "go to the bar" people.  We have a select group of friends we get together with from time to time.  Unfortunately it has been a while since our time and their time connects.

The Ugly:  If you call my house after 8:00 PM and wake up my sleeping baby.  Not only will you encounter a short, unpleasant mama, but you might just find yourself "unfriended" the next day.  I'm kidding...kind of.  Texts are much more appreciated, then we can call you, and no one gets the axe! 

In finally figuring out a routine:
The Good:  Jackie sleeps a good 8-10 hours straight every night.  I'm much more rested and am finally able to get myself up at the sound of the alarm, allowing for a much smoother morning schedule.

The Bad:  Jackie is ready for bed around 7:30, and on most nights that is awesome.  It gives E and I some time to ourselves.  However, if we ever want to do anything passed that time.  Jackie will be a bear.

The Ugly:  I live in FEAR of this schedule getting interrupted.  To the point where, the little ladybug PJs that Jackie has will never be worn again.  Why?  she woke up in the middle of the night with them, twice.  They're done.  Jackie getting off this schedule equals less sleep for me. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

34 years ago

The fourth of five children was born.

Oh Halloween.

A boy.  Causing his father to sing the chorus of "My three sons" on the phone as he called family to celebrate the good news.

He would learn to walk chasing a Coors beer can around the room as it was passed in laughter from one person to the next. I'm not kidding. Ironic that today he drinks Coors.

He was a typical baby, from what I understand.  Grew like a weed early, stretching those legs longer than most of his peers.  He would be 6' 4'' by his Freshman year of high school.  The basketball coaches were drooling.

But he played soccer.

And the saxophone.

And enjoyed having his birthday on Halloween.  Not only did he get to go from house to house collecting candy like all the other kids. He also got a cake.

Usually with M&Ms on top in some shape.

He was afraid of dogs.  Not too sure if he was snapped at by a larger dog when he was little, but he wanted nothing to do with them. It wasn't until his parents got a little puppy that he started to like the furry, four-legged companions.  Glenn would be with them for many years and not only ease his fear, but give him a love for dogs which would eventually lead to him having one...or two dogs of his own.  He'd have three, but someone in the house says no :o)

 His interest in electronics and how things work ended up in two degrees from WSU, engineering and computer sciences.  Now enjoys working for one of the top three companies in the United States to work for.  They have Beer Fridays.  Yup.  Beer at work.  Provided by the employer. 

32 years later he would celebrate his first birthday as a married man.

33 years he celebrated by finding out his first child would be a little girl.

and at 34 years, for the first time, he celebrated his birthday by taking his little baby girl out "trick-or-treating."  Actually we went to three houses.  Friends and family.  Jackie celebrated daddy's birthday too by being a complete daddy's girl all day.  It is almost as if she knew that today was daddy's day and she should want to be with him as much as possible.  It was sweet, and he loved every minute.

I am so thankful that 34 years ago this wonderful man was born.  I am thankful he called me again after our first date, and I'm even thankful that he still teases me about our second date.  I couldn't have found anyone else who would have been a better match, and seeing him as a daddy only makes me love him more. 

Happy birthday my love!

(Authors note:  This is being published on Nov. 1 because apparently Halloween is a busy day when you have kids :o)