Saturday, February 9, 2019

This Girl.

This girl turned 5 in November.


So I thought it appropriate to share 5 things about little "Kit Kat" that you may not already know.

#1: Her name.
Ethan and I are planners. Not only have we found out the gender of each of our babies, we had the names picked out since before we were married. Although, just because we are planners, it doesn't mean that we aren't flexible and willing to change plans. As it so happened with Katerina. She was "supposed" to be Claire. I love that name. Always have. Still do. BUT while on leave after Jackie was born, Ethan decided to dive into our family tree. Me, being the history teacher, loved hearing all the different unique things about our families while he poured over all the materials. One very interesting thing he found... we both had a Katerina deep in our family history. He immediately fell in love with the name, and suggested that if we have another girl someday we call her Katerina. Unique. Beautiful. And very "princess" sounding. Paired nicely with Jacqueline. I had no objection. Turns out...there was no other name that would suit this little princess!

#2: Her Emotions.
There are kids (and adults) out there who struggle to identify exactly how they are feeling during certain situations or how to express their emotions appropriately for the situation. Not Katerina. Not by a long shot. This girl is in touch with her emotions and wears each one right on her sleeve. There is never any doubt about how she feels. You'll know. Just by the look on her face. And in case you missed it...she'll tell you.

#3: Her Buddy
When we brought home our new little puppy, Rocky we knew our kiddos would love him. We didn't really know who would take to him the most. Katerina didn't waste any time taking charge of the new addition. Tagging along with Daddy to Rocky's training sessions allowed for them to build a pretty special bond. She loves it when she can bring her "buddy" inside. She is charged with keeping him under control and knows that it's her job to put him in the kennel. That dog listens to her better than he listens to me. And why wouldn't he... she just loves him so!

#4: Her Sweet Tooth
Pancakes - Yup. Doughnuts - Of course! Cereal, ice cream, candy - all acceptable options for breakfast in Katerina's eyes. This girl LOVES her sweets! Want her to finish her healthy lunch or eat those veggies at dinner??? Just tell her she can have a cookie or a root-beer float when she's done and it'll be gone in no time.

#5: Her in the Kitchen
Katerina LOVES to help in the kitchen. Every meal, even if I'm just warming up leftovers, she wants to be a part of the action. Up on the counter, wearing her apron, and helping with the food. I love involving her (even though many times it is easier to just do it myself). I can always count on her to want to be a part of it! Now that she is five I need to start teaching her how to do more than just pour in liquids and dump in cake mix. Time to break out the knives and kitchen scary as it may be, I need my kiddos capable in the kitchen! I have no doubt she'll figure it all out!

Happy Birthday Post little Kit-Kat! (Even though it is a few months late) :)