Wednesday, May 3, 2017

And Just Like That.

This girl is 5.

I have a confession.  So far in my "motherhood journey" I have often felt that I am missing that "emotional" gene.  I didn't cry when she grew out of newborn diapers, when I stopped nursing her, or when she first started walking.  The milestones so far haven't made me yearn for a time when she was smaller.

And then two days ago...after only a month of being five.  She finally reached a milestone I'm ready to celebrate.  One that I have been waiting for her to reach.

It was Friday evening and the girls were outside playing, daddy was off on a bike ride, and I was just getting ready to pop the leftovers into the microwave to warm up for dinner.  Jackie comes storming into the house.

"MOM! Can I go on a bike ride with E?  PLEASE he rode his bike here and wants to know if I can go with him. PLEASE!"

This is it.  I have been waiting for her to want to go out on her own and play with the neighbor kids. I have been so hoping that her childhood would include bike rides, tag games, and making dirt castles in the road.  Up until this point, she hasn't really had that yet.

And just like that we're here.  I had to drag her and her sister away from the neighbor's driveway an hour after I stuck the leftovers in the microwave, and they still wanted to go back outside after dinner.

We are just getting to the stuff I've been waiting for.  The intellectual and social growth.  I just can't wait to see what she learns, where her interests grow, and the questions she asks.  She is SO EXCITED for school.  She has been a rock star big sister, playing with her brother (sometimes too much...) and learning to help more around the house.

I may be emotional on her first day of school, but the emotion I'll be filled with is excitement.  I am so excited for her to enter this next stage of life, I don't have time to morn the passing of the last stage.  I will always look back fondly on her baby pictures and remember how cute she was when she first smiled, but the joy of watching her move forward will always be the emotion I celebrate.