Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trying to Cheer Up

As I'm sitting here tonight watching the news while I eat I continue to feel more and more depressed. Top three stories of the night
~ Economy Gets Worse, more layoffs, more business closings, little end in sight
~ Tainted Peanut Butter...all the way back to 2007. May be the worst epidemic in the U.S. ever
~ Ice Storm slams half of the country, thousands without power

I pride myself on being a very optimistic and happy person. But even I am struggling to find reasons to smile lately. I thought it might be a good idea for me to sit down and write about the reasons I am so Blessed in order to remind myself that we should always look for the reasons to thank God, rather than blame Him for the downhill turns life can throw.

My family is happy and healthy. We have no major illnesses or catastrophes. I am always thankful for the family I have and how we are able to smile and laugh to make any situation better. I talk to my parents often. I got to see my brother Joe this weekend when he came to Wichita. Jamie is just a phone call away and she will always listen to my recent weight loss or will tell me she's happy for me when I say gushy-girly things about how things are going with E. I don't get to talk with John as often as I would like, but I know he is happier than he has ever been.

E. I don't tell him enough how much I enjoy his company and our long conversations. I pray everyday that he finds a job soon (he was laid off almost two weeks ago). He is amazing by always smiling and joking with me and never losing that "goofy" grin :). He gives the absolute best hugs ever!

I have a job. The school systems are feeling the money crunch as well, but I am pretty secure in my position. I am very thankful. There are so many people looking for work or worried they might lose their jobs. I truly feel for them and pray the economy picks up sooner than all those "experts" keep predicting.

The sun shined today. I hate the cold, that is well known by those who know me well, but the sun came out today and shined through my windows at school. The sun makes me happier...I hope it continues to shine and help warm us all up.

There I feel a little better...and I am sure that there are hundreds of other reasons for me to be thankful, but these are the BIG ones. I am now going to turn on some cheery Disney movie rather than the news and fold some laundry. I hope you all have a very Blessed evening and pray for those not as lucky.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Survive the Cold

I absolutely HATE the cold weather. I feel that it is only appropriate on a couple of occasions; Christmas and snow days. Other than that, it can just remain sunny and 70 all year round. There is good reason for me hating the cold. I lived in college in a very old and drafty house. We literally used duct tape on the door to cover the cracks. Once I moved out of that cold drafty crap hole I moved into a smaller and colder crap hole in Cheney. It has no insulation, none. I can literally feel cold air when I open my cabinets. Therefore, I keep the house heated at 70, but still freeze (and pay for it). I will find a different place to live, but I am picky.

I have had to learn to become quite creative on keeping warm and thought I would make a of things that I have tried and have been somewhat successful and warming me up.

10. Clean the house from top to bottom, all that movement will warm you might even get sweaty.

9. Coffee, hot chocolate, or tea...anything warm to drink will help for a little while. Problem: Only lasts a short time AND usually makes you have to get out from under the warm blankets to pee.

8. Piles of blankets...the more you pile on the warmer you are...all but your nose.

7. Duct tape, plastic, and towels or blankets used to cover drafty areas

6. Space Heaters: Although I don't have one here in would be a good investment I think.

5. Friction: Climb into bed and move your legs and arms around as fast as possible. Warming up the bed with friction and a great way to burn a few extra calories before sleep :)

4. Cook with the oven: Warms up the kitchen...and you can let it cool off when you are finished by leaving it wide open!

3. Laptop Computers: They are warm when they heat up, set it on your lap for a cozy IM chat or searching google.

2. Electric Blankets: Best thing ever!

And the #1 way to beat the cold: Date someone who's house is warmer and cuddle under the blankets at his house!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Chatter

~ I had been cheering for the Colts in the race for the Superbowl. Now, let me explain. My interest in football has only recently grown. Everyone in my family has a team they cheer on each week, except me. I don't mind watching, but never was a "die-hard" fan. So, now that I'm liking football even more, I decided I needed a team to cheer on. I chose the Colts. Why? Two words: Peyton Manning. I LOVE his commercials and he looks so good in those tight pants. The Colts didn't last long...I needed a new team. Now, I'm cheering for the Cardinals. Why? Two words: Kurt Warner!

~ The economy sucks. It has sucked for a while now, but now that those I care about are starting to be hurt by layoffs I am paying more attention and hating it even more. I pray for a fast recovery for both the ones I care for and the economy.

~ Joe has been wanting to come to Wichita and hang out with E and I for the longest time. Next weekend we have worked it out so that he will come spend Saturday with us. He is so excited, Joe and E get along so well and I am looking forward to next weekend!

~ ESU Lady Hornets defeated Washburn! What the hell is an Ichabod anyway???

~ My new favorite TV show is finally returning to new episodes this week. The Fringe just happens to be one that E likes too. Tuesday nights will be spent cooking dinner and watching the show out at his place on the big screen!

~ We are having a biggest loser competition at school from now till May. I have decided to play. I don't really expect to win because I've already lost so much that I doubt I'll be able to lose enough to win. But this is a GREAT way for me to stay on track and reach my goal of losing 15 more by May.

~ My 7th grade basketball girls finished their season yesterday with a win in the Championship game! That made their record a perfect 16-0!!!!! I am so proud of their season and can't wait to see what they can do next year as 8th graders.

~ We have in-service tomorrow. Yea...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Chatter

~ I love facebook. I can catch up with so many of my friends who I have lost touch with. And since I am one of those people who is terrible about writing or calling my friends...facebook solves that problem!

~ I have started watching seasons of "The Office" on my computer (thanks to Netflix). That show is hilarious! I recommend it to anyone who wants to just sit back and laugh.

~ I have a tiny TV...but there are other things on my "material" list that I would like to have before spending the money on a new TV. A new digital camera, new glasses (although, those should be on the "need" list), golf shoes, and much more.

~ How long can Christmas decorations stay up...

~ I love Sundays....go to church, relax on the couch, fall asleep to a movie or football, cook dinner. Just gotta love those relaxing days!

~ Why is it, when you need two stalks of celery for a recipe you have to buy a whole bag of it? If I was in business I would have a store called "Shopping for One" here people would be able to buy single stalks of celery and other items needed for cooking for one person. Sorta the opposite of Sam's Club.

~ It's probably a good thing that Christmas break happens during the winter. I would have a much harder time going back to school tomorrow if it was 75 degrees and sunny outside. But since it's freezing cold and the last place I want to be is outside, going back to work doesn't seem like that bad of an idea.

~ E and I went on probably had the cheapest date possible Friday night. I had a gift card to Texas Roadhouse and he had a coupon for a free appetizer. So after waiting about an hour and a half to be seated (we did go walk around walmart to kill some time) we had potato skins, salad, bread, steak and chicken for $5.00!!! Plus I bought a movie for $5.00 at Wally...How often does that happen, steak dinner and movie for 10 bucks!

~ My most favorite comerical right now is the one with Peyton Manning in different cities of opposing teams and he takes everything said by the people as something nice. "Take a hike" "You know I think I will do that...the weather here is sweet!" HAHA! I was sad to see the Colts lost last night...although it was a good game.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflection and Renewal

Each new year usually brings about two things. Remembering the past year's good (or not so good) experiences, and looking forward to the new year and setting personal goals. I take a little time out to reflect on the last year and how incredibly blessed I have been and to look at what I would like to accomplish in the next year of my life.

2008 was the year...

~ My nephew Bryson grew incredibly fast and learned all kinds of new skills. It amazes me how fast he went from crawling and scooting to running as fast as his little legs will carry him.

~ My parents surprise me once again of their patience, understanding, and love for their children all because they want us to be happy and healthy.

~ I started my new I love it and can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can play again.

~ I lost 40 lbs. when I once thought that just loosing 20 would be all but impossible.

~ I realized that my sister and I have more in common than we used to. She has truly become one of my best friends in little less than a year!

~ I introduced E to the family. He fits in very well and my family continues to ask when I am bringing him around again.

2009 will bring...

~ Hopefully an improvement to the economy. I feel pretty secure with my job (we kinda need teachers) but those close to me could be affected. I pray that things improve soon!

~ Speaking of the economy. One of my goals of the new year is to start saving more...just a little each paycheck. I used to be really good about it, and I still am better than some, but could be doing more.

~ A new house for me to rent with a little garage, fence for a puppy, and not a ridiculously high rent.

~ A continued loss in weight. I have already exceeded expectations, it is now time to set those goals higher...I have more confidence in my ability to be healthier than I have in...well most of my life.

~ A lower golf score. :)

~ A cleaner house...

I probably should mention that I like to say "goals" rather than New Year Resolutions. I know that essentially it means the same thing, but I tend to achieve goals and forget resolutions. So there's a big difference in the wording!