Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly Chatter

~ Ethan and I play Scrabble on the computer. We also go to Lowes just to walk around. We are exciting! (I really mean that...)

~ I am going to KC with my mom and sister this weekend to watch my cousin in a ballroom dancing competition. We will have that opportunity to watch dancing, shop, eat out, and stay in a hotel. Should be a great weekend!

~ Did I mention that this will be the first weekend I haven't spent with Ethan since Christmas...will we survive? Or for that matter, will he survive without me for a weekend...HA! (I am sure he will find something to do...)

~ The official countdown has begun...22 days till summer!

~ I have finally caught on to The Office. Thanks to netflix and the fact that it allows you to watch DVD episodes right on your computer I watched as much of the first 4 seasons as I could. I got hilariously caught up in the lives of Jim, Pam, Michael, and yes...Dwight! Now I await every Thursday night for a new episode. AND have started buying my own copies of the seasons. I have 1-3 now!

~ Ethan and I went and looked at the Parade of Homes here in Wichita. No we are not buying a house, but it is always fun to go and look at the newest things. We started out in houses that were nice, but small. Little square footage and lots of hallways (waisted space). The next houses were the "realistic" ones. Homes that we could afford and look for someday...maybe. Then we went up a notch to the homes that are too expensive, but if I took up another profession and E got a very high paying job we could afford...but not likely. And last we had some fun with the "Never in your wildest dreams" homes. These were huge and only if we win the lottery will we ever be able to even consider. (When we were finished E bought a lottery ticket...we didn't win.)

~ Ethan's dogs now know my car. They start to get really excited when I drive into the driveway. They are just so excited for people to play with! (Even though they get a lot of playtime with E)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I Love Spring!

10: Longer Days. I love it when it stays lighter longer in they day. I am more motivated to stay "up and moving" when it's still day time at 7:30 as opposed to being ready for bed by 5 during the winter.

9: Light jackets, or even coats at all. I hate having to wear around a big bulky coat everywhere I go. It becomes a pain to keep track of, but yet, I have to have it because I freeze everywhere I go.

8: My legs stay shaved a little longer. During the cold months I can spend 15 minutes in the shower making sure every stupid annoying hair is gone, and then the minute I step out of the shower, I get cold and the pricklies are back! Arrrggg!!!

7: Walks. It is nice enough to start going for walks on Saturdays and evenings. They can be so much fun and good for you too!

6: Plants. I always get a little touch of spring fever and want to buy a couple new plants for my house. Two rules though...have to be inexpensive and able to handle intense neglect without dying!

5: Grilling. I know that summer is the typical "grilling" season, but how many people can wait until June to bust out the grill...not many. If we're not grilling then someone usually is and the smell make my mouth water every time.

4: Baseball games. I love baseball games, and I used to go to games all the time watching my brother play. Now that Joe is done with ball, I have a new player to watch. Ethan's nephew Brandon plays and we get to go to some of the games. Sunflower seeds, homeruns, and good weather...gotta love it!

3: Rain. I'm not talking about the rain that comes every day of the week...I'm referring to the night rain that leaves the morning smelling fresh and clean. What a great start to the day.

2: My free time. The spring is the only season during school that I don't coach. I have my afternoons off to enjoy the nice weather and not feel like I'm married to the school.

1: The weather! The warm sun finally shines and everything turns green or other bright springy colors. My March I am sooo sick of the cold and snow that any break in the weather causes me to be in a very happy mood (and hoping that those nice days fall on a weekend!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekly Chatter

~ I played an April Fools joke on my middle schoolers and my sister. I wore a fake engagement ring around all day at school...the result? "Hook, line and sinker" I got them all. I did sorta feel bad when I realized how mad my sister was when she found out it was a joke. She was soooo excited for me and telling everyone she knew. Needless to say she was not happy to find out the truth...

~ The kids were mad too. I had one block who wouldn't speak to me and every time I walked to the front of the class they would turn around in their chairs so their back was to me...and would switch if I walked to the back of the class. I praised them for their creativity!

~ Ethan's dad is one who really appreciates a good prank. He thought the joke was hilarious and laughed the entire time I told the story...he laughed harder when I told him the reactions of my kids and sister.

~ The tables soon turned as the next day Ethan ended up having to go to the emergency room for stomach pains. After different tests it was determined that he was going to need his appendix removed. This all happened while I slept in my own comfortable bed and at 6:30 I got a text that said "going to the hospital." Nothing else. Talk about freaking out...I quickly called and found out what was going on. I took half a day off and helped his mom take care of him the rest of the day.

~ He is healing very nicely and still a little sore, but he feels soooo much better than that night.

~ For the first time ever I am not going to be spending a holiday with my own family. I am staying in Wichita to spend Easter with Ethan and his family. I will miss many of our traditions, but just to make sure I don't miss everything, I bought Easter baskets and candy to fill them for E and I. He laughed at me, but he will enjoy the candy!

~ I get to have chocolate today!!! I never cheated...not even once this lent. But today E and I are making "Death by Chocolate" dessert to take to his parents tomorrow! YUMMY :)

~ My parents are getting a new little puppy. A free dachshund puppy who will be named either Gus or Chester...I hope they go with Gus...and I can't wait to see him!!!