Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yea for the WEEKEND!

I have been looking forward to this weekend since January. Ethan and I had been trying to find one of my sister's basketball games to go watch where either he or I didn't have anything planned. We wouldn't have been able to make it to any games until the very last one on Feb. 28. That seemed like sooo far away at the time.

Now it's here. I am taking the day off tomorrow so E and I can have the whole day to do what we please. I will start out my day by getting my nails done while he figures out something to do for an hour...I'm not going to make him sit in there with me (I think that would qualify under "cruel and unusual punishment" anyway).

We plan on going into Wichita and enjoying the day test driving cars, taking pictures, and taking the "scenic" route home. We are even going to stop in Climax, Kansas, just so we can say we've been there! (That will make a GREAT story to tell mom..."Hey mom we just went through Climax!" haha!!!) We'll get to Burlington just in time for a yummy shrimp dinner and I'm sure lots of laughing and story-telling from my parents! Jamie's game is on Saturday and it will be so fun to watch her play...although I do believe I'll need to get E an ESU shirt, can't have him wearing a WSU shirt to the game! Sunday we're going to cook dinner for the family...manicotti. YUM!

I am so excited for my weekend you'd think I would have been packed early in the week all ready to go...Nope. I'm sitting here blogging knowing full well that E will call in about 20 minutes and have nothing packed and ready to go. I best get a move on!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Chatter

~ I had my nails done again for the first time in two years. I used to get them done back home in Burlington, but that ended up being too costly to go home and "hope" that I could get in to my very busy nail lady. My nails are now pretty pink and girlie!

~ I almost didn't get a paycheck this month...I am starting to feel helpless with the economy. All I can do is sit back and wait for the more powerful "big-wigs" in Washington to get us out of this mess. That's a very scary thought to me.

~ I have only three teaching days this week. In-service on Monday (suck fest!) and a curriculum day tomorrow. That means I get pulled from my classroom to sit in an office with other teachers and work on stuff. BORING! I would much rather be teaching!

~ Ethan and I had a great Valentines Day...We did absolutely nothing! We were lazy all day long until we finally decided to do some sort of physical activity and go to the store to cook something for dinner.

~ I am tired of being cold. I am tired of wearing sweat pants, my hands being purple, and heating bills. I told E last night that I was tired of being cold and he suggested that I cuddle up to him more...awwww!

~ I love the show "Lie to Me." I am learning all kinds of tells on how people lie. It is fascinating!

~ Ethan and I spent all day Sunday at his parents house. I love spending time with them, they really are great people. (Plus I LOVE hearing stories about him when he was little!)

~ I had to replace my car battery yesterday. I went in to the store and when I came out my car was deader than a doornail. I had someone jump me and I went straight to the Coop. 77 dollars later I was good to go. Considering the cost of other car repairs that could have happened, I think I got out pretty easy. Oh...and an annoying side-note. My radio has shut off due to the power going out and I have to have a code to turn it back on...yeah, my car is used and I can't find the code. Nice.

~ I haven't been home since Christmas Break. I will be going in a couple weeks with Ethan, and I can't wait!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Chatter

~ There is a fly buzzing around my house. It has apparently been dormant over the winter just sneaking around and eating food while I am at school because this is the biggest fly I have ever seen. He is now dead.

~ I hit a milestone today. 50 lbs. lost!!! Makes me very happy, but also a little scary to think I had that much weight to lose and how much more I would like to.

~ "Facebook Official": When I first started telling people I was dating E, the usual response was "why haven't you changed your status on facebook?" It made me laugh at how we have come to define relationships based on a personal website and we weren't truly together if our pages didn't read "in a relationship." For all you facebook fanatics out there...we are now "in a relationship" and facebook official!

~ My brother, John, is in Vegas right now. Maybe he'll win some "big bucks" and give a little to me. Maybe...

~ February is going to fly by. By the end of the month I will have had 4 weeks of only 4 teaching days (after inservice, sick days, and a personal day at the end of the month). That means that spring is just around the corner!!!

~ Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day. E and I took the dogs (his two lab pups) for a walk at Sedgwick County Park. KC, the older one, thought she was going for a run and about pulled E's arm out of his socket a few times. Breck, the little pup, had never been on a leash before and thought it was going to eat her. She would whine and whimper whenever I got in front of her. They eventually calmed down and walked like good pups...well, we did take them on a 4 mile walk, so by the end they were worn out.

~ I'm still praying for E to find a job soon. Fingers are crossed too!

~ Valentine's Day is coming up. I have always been a Val-day hater, but this year I find myself looking forward to the day...hmmm, could that be because I have someone special to spend it with.

~ Even though I'm looking forward to V-day this year, I still think it's ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a day that greeting card and chocolate companies dreamed up. We will spend the day cooking dinner and hanging out together...I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday Chatter (On Wednesday)

~ I got my hopes up too early...there was a cute little townhouse for rent in Goddard. Two bedroom, one bathroom, large kitchen (with dishwasher!!!), basement, fireplace, and no lawn to have to mow...sounds perfect! The add had been up for a month. I called the Realtor and arranged to see it Friday evening. It leased Thursday afternoon, and there is NOTHING else to rent in Goddard. Nothing! "Fastest growing city in KS" HA!

~ I am finding myself spending less and less time at my house and more time other places :)

~ With as little time I spend at my house, it sure is messy...

~ I met E's family this weekend when we had a Super Bowl Party. It was so much fun! They are a great family and I can see why E is such a great guy!

~ E and I have a "Tuesday Dinner-Date-Night" each week when we cook something new (including dessert) and watch Fringe on TV. So far we have made fancy mac and cheese (so good), chicken alfredo pasta w/ homemade alfredo (yummy!), and tomale pie. We are off to a GREAT start and are enjoying searching for new recipes.

~ It's still cold...

~ There are very few really fun games out there for just two people to play. So far E and I have made do with playing games that are REALLY fun with 4 people, but are still good with 2. Scrabble (he usually smart, and such a good speller), Scategories (I usually win...more creative), pool (it's a toss up...he is probably better, but I get really really lucky!), and Jenga (whoever plays first usually loses seems to be the pattern).

~ I might have to change my Sunday Chatter to Weekly Chatter. I tend to not get home Sunday nights until later due to my increase time spent at E's.