Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just one of those days

Jackie is having one of those days...

Poor baby has been fussy most of the afternoon and evening.  I haven't known her long enough to know which of the many things that could be bothering her, are bothering her today. 

Is it another growth spurt?

Is it gas?  Constipation?

Early teething?

Does she have allergies?

Is she hungry?  Tummy ache?

Sleepy and fighting it? 

Anxiety about going to the doctor tomorrow and getting shots?

All of the above?

Or something completely new?

If only there was an Ap for this...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Family and Marriage

When Ethan and I were preparing for our wedding I remember talking with my grandmother (who will be celebrating with her husband 60 years of marriage this year) on what makes a good marriage.  We were discussing what she thought and what I thought.  The typical things came up that you hear from successful married partners time and time again...communication, laughter, understanding, forgiveness, etc...

Then I threw something else on the table that I believed Ethan and I had that many couples unfortunately lack. 

A good relationship with our in-laws.

I have seen so many relationships tested and sadly broken because one set of parents is difficult to get along with.  I've had girlfriends tell me stories I couldn't believe about their Mother-in-Law.  I've seen Fathers of friends of mine tell me how much they can't stand their daughter's husband. 

I just can't imagine it. 

I believe this is due to how similar our families are.

From the very beginning when E and I first met I amazed at how many of the stories he told about his family was strikingly similar to stories I had about mine.  Both of us came from families who were strong in their Catholic faith, went to mass every Sunday, and participated in Church functions.  We both grew up being teased and teasing our closest relatives.  We were punished when we didn't follow the rules.  There were expectations.  We were not spoiled, but we didn't suffer.

Our dads share the same desire to always be working on some project, fixing something that is broke (or about to break, or not even broken...), or figuring out how to make something better.  My dad would LOVE to have Bill's truck, Bill would LOVE to have my dad's workshop.  Ethan and I often joked that if his dad drove his truck into my dad's workshop they would never leave.

Our mothers both stayed home while raising their kids.  They kept clean homes and cooked for large families.  They both have a great talent for making friends with others through the power of conversation.  That was just a long way to say that they talk a lot.  A gift, thankfully, they passed on to Ethan and I since the majority of the beginning of our relationship was spent on the phone.

Marriage is the toughest of all God's callings...or so I'm told.  Today there are so many examples of marriages that don't end up working out for one reason or another.  I just know that Ethan and I are so lucky to come from two families where marriage has worked.  And because of that, I believe the odds of success are in our favor in a big way. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lessons From "The Office"

Ethan and I love watching The Office.  Even with the changes this last season leaving a few episodes that weren't as funny, we still tune in every Thursday night.  What's even better is the seasons are available for streaming on netflix.  Guess what I watch in the middle of the night while Jackie is nursing.

I've decided there are some very important things to learn from life around the office.  Especially since I spend my working days in a classroom (which also has things to learn from...but that's another post sometime).  Here are just a few of the fun things I have learned from the Office!

~  If you carry around a cup that says "World's Best Boss" people will eventually believe it.

~  Bears eat beats.

~  If you are getting married and your bride freaks out because things are going wrong, just cut off your tie.

~  Waaaaassssssuuuuppp!

~  Anytime your coworker agrees with you that it is Friday...double check that it is really Friday.

~  The smell of up-dog can be anywhere. 

(If you just asked yourself "What's up-dog"  you got the joke!)

~  Anyone can feel special when they win a Dundee

~  Christmas is the time to give gifts that show someone how you really feel. Unless, they end up with an I-Pod and your teapot gift ends up being used as a sinus rinse.

~  Dating in the office is encouraged.

~  Women are like wolves.

~  Wearing a tuxedo to work is classy.

~  When debating whether to get new chairs or a new copier, have the security guard settle the dispute.

~  A good boss avoids conflict, but when solving conflicts between coworkers always go for a "Win, win, win" option.

~  Alcohol always makes office parties more fun.

~  Everything is funnier stuck in Jell-O

Monday, May 14, 2012

Highlights of My First Mother's Day

~   The beautiful earrings given to me from my husband.  They are a brilliant aquamarine blue, Jacqueline's birthstone.  I love them and they just happen to match everything that I wear!  I find that I try to wear my hair in a pony tail as often as possible just to show them off.

~  The very quiet moment during Mass (in a small country church that had possibly 25 people) when Jackie let out a very large and loud burp.  I think even the priest chuckled a little along with the rest of the congregation.

~  The look on my mom's face when she opened the card that told her the I-Pad we got her would be arriving shortly in the mail.  She is so excited!

~  Morning brunch with biscuits and gravy, french toast bake, poppy seed bread, coffee, juice.  Yum!

~  The call from my brother wishing me a happy Mother's Day.

~  Jackie sleeping almost the entire way to Halstead for Weber Mother's Day lunch.

~  Ethan proudly carrying the baby around when she got fussy, and everyone telling us how beautiful she is.

~  Mother's Day dinner at Ethan's brother's house.  Yummy grilled veggies, chicken and steak. Angel food cake with strawberries for dessert.

~  Finally getting little Jackie to sleep after a very long day, and enjoying a full night sleep!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful life.  I knew for a very long time that God called me to be a wife and mother.  There is nothing greater in life than fulfilling God's will.  I continue to pray for the wisdom and guidance to live the life He wanted for me, and to always remember the great things He has blessed me with. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As a new parent I am not naive when it comes to the fun little "surprises" kids can leave you when your eyes just happen to drift away from them for a nano-second.  I have heard my mom tell the "chocolate pie" incident many times, in which she went to take a shower and I (being at most 3 years old) preceded to get my baby brother out of the crib so we could both indulge in the chocolate pie I raided from the fridge.  There was pie all over my brother, me, and the bedspread where we had our "picnic." 

There are things I expect to have happen at some point in our parenting venture.  Some of those including (but are not limited to) crayons on walls or other surfaces, flower or some other food item spread throughout the kitchen, toilet paper unrolled throughout the house, items tossed in the toilet, and diapers in the wash. 

Fortunately for us we have a little while before those are possible...at least I thought.

That was before this morning and my first load of laundry emerged with all these little white things. 

At first glance I thought it was putty that came from my husband's work jeans, but as more clothes came from the washer I realized that there were way too many of the little things for it to be from the work jeans.  And then I found it.  The diaper.  CRAP. 

(Luckily there was no actual crap in the diaper.)

This was all me.  I couldn't even blame it on Jackie.  She can't pick things up yet.  (Let alone walk or even think that putting a diaper in the washing machine would be a good idea...)

How could I have let that happen? 

Maybe I can blame it on "new mommy lack of sleep." 

That won't work either. Jackie has been a great baby and sleeps at least 4-5 hours at a time.  For a new mommy, I'm getting 6-8 hours of sleep at night.  That excuse won't work. 

My first instinct was to turn to Facebook and all my mommy friends. 

Problem:  All my mommy friends are either working or too busy to be on facebook...I didn't get a reply as fast as I wanted.  (Not the fault of my mommy friends...)

Solution:  Google it.

I love Google.  I typed in "Diaper in" and it automatically filled in "washing machine" for me.

The first link took me to a mommy blog called Melodramommy where she had great advice that she had used AND what two of the diaper manufactures suggested!  Great find!

I chose to go with Pampers:
  1. Run washer on and extra rinse cycle and wipe the inside of the washing machine.  It should be fine after that.
  2. Put load of laundry into the dryer as is (with the jelly beads)
  3. Drying laundry will cause gel beads to bead up and fall off clothing, most beads will collect in lint filter.
  4. You may need to dry laundry longer than normal
  5. When laundry is done shake it outside.
Thankfully Pampers seems to know what they're talking about!  Clothing came out gel free and washer is cleaned.  

At least I'll know what to do if this happens again!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The World Acording to Bryson

We recently traveled to Kansas City for my cousins wedding reception.  We were really looking forward to it for many reasons.  This was to be Jacqueline's first road trip, she would get to meet many of her family members (including cousin Bryson), and wedding are just plain fun!

Cousin Bryson is almost 5 now and very tall for his age.  He is smart and I believe a lot of that comes from the great questions and conversations he has.  Here are just a few that left us rolling in laughter over the weekend.

#1:  Concerning feeding Jackie.

Little B (as he runs in the room):  Where's my cousin!

Uncle Ethan:  She's over there with your Aunt Jillio

Little B:  She's tiny.  Can I hold her?

Me:  Not right now sweetie, she's eating.  Once she's done then you can hold her.

Little B:  What is she eating?

Me:  Milk.

Little B:  Oh...  How?

Me:  She gets it from me.

Little B:  Hmm...Do you drink it?

Me:  No, I make it. 

Little B:  How is she eating it?

Me:  Well...you know how a mommy cow feeds her baby cow, that's how I feed Jackie.
(Yes...I compared myself to a cow.  The things we will do for kids.)

Little B:  Oh!  Where's Uncle Ethan?

Me:  You goof... he's standing right beside you.

Fast-Forward to later in the evening.

Little B:  So, do you feed her from here.  (as he points to his chest)

Me:  Yep, I sure do.

Little B:  Do you go like this?  (Here he leans forward points to his chest and goes "Psssssssss")

Me:  Uhh kind of... 

Ethan:  Laughter!

#2:  Concerning Dinner

A little information.  My brother told Bryson to go sit down and wait while he went through the food line to get dinner.

Ethan (standing in the food line):  Well, hi Bryson, what are you doing?

Bryson: Looking for my dad.

Ethan:  Where did he say he was going to be.

Bryson:  He's supposed to be getting me food, but he's taking too long.

#3:  The Girl in the White Dress

Bryson goes and sits down at the table with his grandma and grandpa and some other family.  My brother (his dad) was dancing with the bride.

Grandma:  What are you doing Bryson, why do you look so sad.

Bryson (in a very sad voice):  I want to dance with the girl in the white dress.

Grandma:  Awww...well here's what you do.  Very nicely go up to your daddy and tap him on the shoulder, and ask him if you may cut in.

Bryson:  Oh!  Ok :

Bryson tried as hard as he could to tap his dad on the shoulder...he just wasn't tall enough. Luckily Joe noticed and bent down so he could hear what B wanted.  Joe smiled and stepped aside so his son could enjoy a dance with the "girl in the white dress"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Dear Jacqueline,

Today you are 5 weeks old.  In these past weeks life has changed for us in many wonderful ways.  You came into our lives as this tiny (and screaming) little miracle.  With you being our first child we spent the first few weeks of your life just trying to figure out what we were supposed to do with you.  Your daddy quickly learned how to put on a diaper, and in only a month he is now a pro!  You and I spent many hours that first week awake during the night while I tried to figure out how you wanted to sleep.  You have now blessed us with 4 nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep. 

We catch ourselves just looking at you in awe.  I think we could stare at you all day.  You have your daddy's eyes and my hair.  You share so many traits of your daddy...you are a night owl (too bad mommy is an early bird...), you sneeze in threes almost every time, you are a natural around a camera...although right now your are the one being photographed, and when you are upset a trip out to see the puppies always calms you down.  Your daddy loves you so much, everyday when he gets home from work he scoops you up and hardly puts you down until bed time.  He has figured out your favorite way to be held and you will scream and scream until he holds you in his special way.  You will surely be his "little princess" forever (and he will do his best to make sure you are a princess in blue or purple rather than pink).

We have our special moments too.  The way you look at me when I feed you melts my heart every time.  Even when you cry, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Right now  you are finding your voice and making all kinds of new sounds.  You are smiling more and more.  We take naps in the afternoon and have our special moments of just us at 3:00 AM. 

You are the best thing that has happened to us.  We are in love so much more than we ever thought we would be and we look forward to all the new and exciting things you will show us!

Mommy and Daddy