Monday, October 7, 2013

Jackie and her Daddy

To say that Jackie is a "Daddy's Girl" is a bit of an understatement.  I thought I would post a little about the two of them, so that one day, when he is saying "No, you can't date that boy..." She will know just how much he loves her, and how much she loves him.

"Da-da" was the first word out of her mouth.  Once she realized that the sound "Da-da" made daddy smile so big, she was hooked. 

It wasn't until a couple months ago that she started saying "Ma-ma."  However, "Da-da" still gets the sweetest little smile to accompany it. :o)

After a weekend at home over the summer with daddy, I would go in on a Monday to get her out of bed and she would just look at me with this stare, "Why are you not daddy?" and then look over my shoulder to the door waiting for him to come in behind me.  When he didn't, she would race to our bedroom door and stand there insisting that "Da-da" come out.

As SOON as she heard the little "beep-beep" that the alarm on the door makes when someone opens it at the end of the day, she will drop ANYTHING and race to the garage door, squealing.  Get a hug from daddy and then proceed to help him take off his shoes.  That is a must.  Shoes must come off!

Even now, when I am the one who gets home later and he's with her most of the evening.  She will come see that I walk in the door and then abruptly turn around and go hug daddy's legs. 

Even how they wake up in the morning is the same.  Grunt.  Stretch.  Roll over.  Peek out one eye and glare at me.  Close eyes again.  Roll around.  Grunt.  Then finally sit up. 

They are both "big dippers."  Jackie wants to dip everything she eats.  In katsup, salsa, sour cream, anything.  She saw that first from daddy. 

Spice is nice!  I've known Ethan was a spicy guy for a long time...and I like things spicy too and ate them while pregnant with Jackie.  (So maybe this one is my fault).  The other night, Jackie ate an entire hot link.  Last night it was spicy Rotel dip (with the HOT Rotel) and added jalapenos from the garden.  Don't even think about giving that girl something bland... she won't touch it.  I imagine family dinners in my future with the following "This is a good recipe, but the chicken could use a little something's a tad bland."  That could come from daddy or Jackie.

You will never see popcorn disappear faster than trying to have some with one of them.  I have NEVER seen anyone eat shovel popcorn the way my husband does.  Even the first time he made popcorn for our movie date, I had to be fast about getting some, or I would miss out.  (That is unless I wanted the little trail of kernels left in the chair when he got up.)  That is until I saw Jackie eat popcorn.  Didn't take her long to figure out that one piece at a time is nice, but a FIST FULL of popcorn is even better.  Even her babysitter commented on it!

There is something so sweet about a little girl's love for her daddy.  I sure hope he's ready to have TWO fingers wrapped around TWO little girls :)