Monday, February 24, 2020

The Final Fourth

This little nugget joined our family on Monday afternoon, February 25th, 2019.  Today he turns one. I went in to be induced that morning and he was out "like a linebacker" by 3:00 that afternoon.

It didn't take long before we realized that little Austin Joseph had his own way of doing things. I mean, I should have realized this. I'm not new to the "mom" role and I've had the opportunity to discover how different each baby is...but I had the confidence of an experienced mom with a full bag of tricks ready to throw at this little guy and all his demands.

Until my bag of tricks didn't suit him. At all.

This little bundle of joy has really made me stretch my "mommying" skills.

At a time when I'm stretched pretty thin as it is (but that's another post for another time).

He is our Final Fourth.

He completes our little family. Or big family depending on your perspective.

Austin Joseph, AJ. Today you have been our 6th member for a year.

A year of your silly little hair flip.

A year of figuring out how you want to sleep. Never the same way two nights in a row. Swaddled, pacifier, in the swing, in the crib, in a sleep sack, just a diaper. No consistency with you kid.

A year of your big little appetite.

A year of your sisters dragging you from place to place.

A year of earning your nickname as "monster-baby". A loveable way to describe your uncanny ability to get into EVERYTHING you're not supposed to. Dog food. Trash can. Billy's potty. If the door's been left open. You. Are. In.

A year of smiles, slobbery baby kisses, love, and hugs. And much more to come.

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